Event Line Up

Motorcycle event line up

We, just like everyone else, hate down time during a race!  There is nothing worse than sitting and twiddling your thumbs waiting for a race to start.  We want to assure you all that our staff is dedicated to providing a smooth and action packed event for racers and fans alike.    We promise to keep the show going as smoothly and efficiently as possible barring any complications throughout the night.  Cooperation from our riders and their crew is detrimental to this!  Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

Friday night events: Gates open at 4pm, Rider meeting at 5:30 pm, Practice starts at 6pm, Races start at 7pm!

Saturday night events: Gates open at 3pm, Rider meeting at 4:30pm, Practice starts at 5pm, Races start at 6pm!


For Both motocross and Flat track, practice is 3 laps!


Flat track heats are 4 laps!

Motocross heats are 4 laps!


Flat Track features are 8 laps!

Motocross Features are 8 laps!

ANY class can be split or combined depending on turn out.  

Races will run on time and we will not hold a gate unless riders are competing back to back and have notified officials.

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