These classes will not necessarily be ran in this specific order at each event.  Some classes may be combined depending on turn out.

(6 bikes will constitute a class.  If less than 6 bikes, we may combine similar classes)

0-51cc Pee Wee Shaft Drive only class, 4-8 yr old, stock

0-51cc Multi-speed class, 4-8 yr old, stock

0-51cc 4 to 8 yrs Chain, stock

52-65cc 6 to 11 yrs

66-85cc 7-15 yrs

201-250cc OPEN

251-450cc OPEN

401-505cc A

401-505cc B

250+Open Quad 16+yrs

451cc + Open Single

251cc + Open Twin

Veteran 30+ yrs

Senior 40+ yrs

Super Senior 50+yrs

Vintage 0-400cc

Vintage 401cc+ OPEN

Combo 16+ yrs

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