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Carom Video of Woodville Michigan and 906 Graffix of Belding Michigan are co-producing documentary style event videos each week at  I-96 Speedway this season. These videos will cover the main event of the week and include interviews in the pits (backstage for concerts and the like),  crowd shots, reactions of patrons, shots of concessions and more.   DVDs will be for sale the following week at the vedor booths.

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To provide the highest quality possible, Carom Video with Mellissa Manzagol

( ) has teamed up with 906 Graffix with Mike Barton for this production series in both production and post.

906 Graffix Logo

Here is a sample of some work done during the 2011 racing season so far:

Mellissa’s History
Mellissa opened Carom Video for business in 2008 specifically for  production of documentary style work.  The first main project  undertaken was “Addicted to Ice: The Michigan Ice Biking Adventure”, a  feature documentary on ice racing motorcyclists of Mid Michigan.  The  co-producer on that project, Ted Stressman, was the one that suggested  Mellissa produce a mini-documentary at I96 Speedway last summer on the  AMA Nationals, which she did.  This project opened the door to the  current summer series covering events at I96 Speedway.  This is her  first race track gig and the largest project she has ever assumed.

Addicted to Ice promo:
AMA Nationals mini-doc:
Carom Video YouTube Channel:

Mellissa met Mike during winter 2010 while on location for “Addicted  to Ice 2: Hell or High Water”, the second ice biking feature for Carom  Video.  it quickly became clear that Mike was the right person to team  up with for the I96 Speedway 2011 series thanks to his background in  the topic at hand, video and graphics.

Mike’s History
As a long time motorsport enthusiast and participant Mike knows the  race scene. He has hundreds of hours helmet camera footage on the ice  and out on trail, plus more.  Over the years he has produced many of  his own videos on an amateur level.

Mike started 906 Graffix in 2005 for production of custom vinyl  graphics and logo design.  Services have expanded to include graphics  for video and websites plus DVD authoring, plus videography at the  track every week.

The Team
Mellissa and Mike have teamed up for the 2011 season to provide the  best quality productions possible for I96 Speedway.  They look forward  to an exciting season!

Here are some Videos shot during the 2010 racing season:



Eric Spangler flips @ I-96 speedw ay 8-14-2010



World of Outlaws Sprint Cars @ I96 Speedway

I96 Speedway Gauntlet Race

I-96 Speedway AMA Motorcycle Races July 10, 2010

West Michigan Off Road Racing

AMA Nationals at I96 Speedway Summer 2010

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