Kids Club

The I-96 Speedway Kid’s Club Story

The kids have a wonderful time climbing and playing hide and seek!

We have a large variety of climbing structures!

NASCAR driver Kenny Wallace stopped in to play and sign autographs!

He made sure to sign autographs for all the kids!

Dusty Dan even joins in on the fun!


We at I-96 Speedwaypride ourselves in being a family friendly venue that provides fun for the whole family! This is why we are the first racetrack in Michigan to offer the Kid’s Club to our families!  This is our way of helping you bring your family to the races!  Kid’s Club is located between the main concession stand and the midway bathrooms.   Since it is a very high traffic area, we have fenced it completely in with the exception of a check in gate that is monitored at all times! Under the pavilion their are six picnic tables with various projects and crafts going on at each one. Inside the fenced in arena their is also a quite impressive and very large playground! We have a wide array of climbing structures, tunnels, swings, slides, and a sand box! There are many outdoor toys and games as well! The Kids Club is monitored by no fewer than four licensed and state checked attendants at all times! This has been a wonderful addition to our facility!The I-96 Speedway Kid’s Club started in 2007 with one instructor under our main pavilion doing a few small art projects with a dozen or so children coming and going throughout the night. Our pavilion worked quite sufficiently for the first season it was in operation, however as word spread that we had a “baby sitter” for free at the race track to entertain your children while you enjoyed the races, our group got larger. Soon the arts and crafts weren’t enough to keep them busy, and we had to hire a second instructor to watch over the kids! We started to wonder how we were going to keep doing this in a manner that would be safe for all of the children participating. We wanted to make sure that the children we were working with were being monitored and not just wandering around the facility unattended. We needed a SAFE and FUN environment for these kids so their parents wouldn’t have to worry about their kids and be able to enjoy their experience at the races!

1. Children must be potty trained to be left in the care of the Kid’s Club attendants
2. Parents must read and sign the waiver and fill out the appropriate name tags for their children.
3. Children with a RED tag are not allowed to come and go as they please. They will not be allowed to leave the fenced in area until the parent that signed them in comes back to get them. If you would like to allow your child to come and go as they please, you must request a BLUE tag for them.
4. I-96 Speedway has the right to refuse the release of a child to anyone that seems to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. We will require a designated driver before this child is released.
5. Parents must provide a phone number and full name so our staff can reach them if needed during the night.
6. All children must be picked up by 11:00 pm.
7. Due to the wide range of allergies, we do not allow any food to be bought into the Kid’s CLub! We do provide cups of water to the children. If you feel that your child may get hungry, please see that they get something from our concession stand prior to checking them in!


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