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The I-96 Speedway Website has been deemed a rousing success thanks to all of our Drivers, Fans, Teams, Everyone! The consistent hits on each page numbering in the thousands, is a true testament to the dedicated race fans and teams that have in the past and will continue to patronize the Lake Odessa, Michigan speed plant in 2014.

For the 2014 racing season and in addition to the improvements already made to the track website at: we’d like to take this time to explain how things are going to work throughout the year on race weekends and each week leading up to each event. All in an effort to make everything within the website more user friendly and your primary source for all information regarding I-96 Speedway.

Home Page:

The Slider: This is the main display on the front page of the website. This is where you will see all of our upcoming events, including when our biggest attractions (World of Outlaws, Summer Nationals etc.).

The Leaderboard: This feature is located towards the lower right hand side of the front page. This is where the top five in each of our racing division’s championship point standings can be found week after week.

Media Menu:

News: Located under the media menu is the news page, and that will be where you can go to access all of our the latest news stories from the speedway. This includes race results, additions to certain events, and or cancelation of any event.

Photos: To enjoy all of the latest and greatest photos of the action from I-96 Speedway just go to the page labeled photos.

Videos: Like with the photos page, there will be a place to go to see videos of some of the activity going on at the dirt racing powerhouse under the videos page.

Schedule: Under the schedule page is where you will see the complete 2014 racing schedule, you will be able to plan ahead for every racing weekend.

Results: For all of the latest race results during the season all you will have to do is click on the results page which will show all of the most up to date results via speednetdirect.

Points: During the race season as soon as one of our events has concluded and you want to see an updated championship point standings, then just visit the points page where the standings for every class will be posted promptly following every racing program.


Tickets: The tickets page under the fans menu is where you can go to take advantage of the online ticket prices which provide you with great discounts on admission.

Record Book: I-96 Speedway has a very long and rich history of great champions. To view our most up to date record book, showing our past champions just visit the Record Book page. If you know any of missing champion info please email the Director of Media / Public Relations Brian Osborne at


Rules and FAQ: All of the up to date rules set for our 2014 racing classes are located under the rules and FAQ page. This is where you will find all of the guidelines for all of our classes.

Payouts: The payouts page is where to go if you are interested in finding what our scheduled payouts each and every one of our classes.

AMA Menu: The I-96 Speedway not only provides great car racing, but great flat track motorcycle racing as well. For all of the information regarding our flat track racing events, just go the the AMA page.

Sponsors: All of the outstanding racing at I-96 Speedway would not be possible if it weren’t for all of our great sponsors climbing on board to support great racing. We encourage you to support them with your business, you can find out more about them by going to our sponsors page.

Contact Us:

Venue Rental: There may be some of you who would be interested in renting all or certain parts of the I-96 speedway to view all of what we have to offer just visit the venue rental page.

Employment: For all of the latest employment opportunities at I-96 speedway you can visit the employment page.

That concludes your complete website guide to We hope everything is simple for you to find, and we encourage you to visit all parts of this website to get familiar with everything I-96 speedway.

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