I-96 Speedway is very sorry to report that Bike N’ Roll Fest has been cancelled!

We at I-96 Speedway are very sorry to disappoint our fans and all of you that had planned to attend the Bike N Roll Fest 2011 at our facility.  We had partnered with Rivertown Live for this event and unfortunately they did not pay the deposits for the bands.  We had paid our end of the money, but they did not pay theirs.  Therefore, the bands pulled the show.  We are extremely disappointed as not only are we out a large sum of money, but we have lost a premier weekend to host an event.  The following are links to the news articles covering the situation.  If you did purchase tickets to this event you may receive a full refund at your point of purchase.



We are currently working with a different group to produce a concert festival over the Labor Day weekend.  Please check back for more details.  Thank you very much for your understanding.


Mike and Sarah Mouch

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